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After School Programs: Kids Yoga & Zumba Club


This 60 minute class is designed to release all that after school energy in a fun, stress free environment with our after school programs in and around Ann Arbor. This program focuses on healthy bodies, stress control and self-esteem.

Kids Yoga Club by Peachy Fitness: 
Would you like to give a great gift to your children?  Kids Yoga is a great opportunity to help children build self esteem and self respect. Kids Yoga promotes physical strength that encourages kids at a very early age to use their muscle in a new way. It helps children to focus  and concentrate in school to get better grades. Physically it helps promotes body awareness, flexibility, strength and leadership skills. Kids learn about different parts of their body. A non-competitive, creative and fun activity appropriate for kids. They will explore yoga by imitating animal poses, breathing techniques, play games and relax in a fun and nurturing environment.The kids will go through a series of poses and postures leaving them feel stronger, more flexible, confident, and relaxed!
Kids Zumba Club by Peachy Fitness:
Kids Zumba combines fast and slow rhythms for children while using an aerobic/fitness approach. Have your kids join our dynamic Zumba Kids series. Your Zumba stars will dance on Latin based music. They will play games and laugh while doing a fun workout.

8-12 weeks session: One class per week (we divide the group according to their ages)


Emerson School: Yoga & Zumba
South Arbor Charter Academy: Yoga & Zumba
JCC: Yoga & Zumba
UM-Towsley Children’s House: Yoga
St.Paul Lutheran School: Yoga & Zumba
Quest Charter Academy School: Zumba
Contact us to find out what days we are at your school. Don’t see your school here? We would love to be part of your school’s after school program!!! Call us: 734-681-0477 or send us an email: