Kids Program

Kids Yoga, Zumba & Cardio Program:

kids Program
(Ages 3 & up)

Would you like to give a gift of health to your kids?

Peachy Fitness has an educational, energetic, and transformative Yoga, Zumba & Cardio program for kids. Our Kids Yoga classes develop children’s abilities to focus (attention), stand up straight (posture), move their limbs with control (coordination) and grace (flexibility), and find inner strength (self–confidence). Our Kids Zumba and Kids Dance classes combine fast and slow rhythm while using an aerobic/fitness approach. With the combination of yoga, zumba, dance and games your child will develop leadership skills, respect others, team work, confidence and will be able to express inner creativity. The Peachy Fitness program is a wonderful way to introduce your child to a healthy lifelong activity that is noncompetitive, non–judgmental, physically challenging and a tons of fun!

View more yoga photos here and zumba photos here

Kids Basketball & Family Run Club Program:

(Ages 7 & up)
Peachy Fitness Basketball Camp
The kids basketball program is designed to teach children the fundamental concepts. It helps the children to gradually increase their ability  to do the basic skills to help them play basketball. The program includes:

*Skill Development Drills

*Team Drills

*Games & Contests

View more basketball photos here

The Kids Run Club is a summer program, for kids 7 years and older, that lasts six weeks. In the Fall, Kids Fun Club will be changed to Family Run Club. Parents and their children will be able to run together. By reaching small milestones throughout the course of the program, parent’s and children’s self-confidence will increase in tandem with their ability to run further distances and improve their times. The program includes:

*Build a positive Body Image

*Build Lasting Friendships

*Healthy Lifestyle Choices

*Games & Contests


What you need for kids program?

A pair of shoes, a water bottle, a yoga mat, positive attitude and a good smile.