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Mom and Baby Yoga

Mom & Tot Yoga

Are you looking for some fun and creative Mom and Tot Yoga and Playgroup/Creative Movement activities in Ann Arbor?

Check out our Mom and Tot Yoga classes as well as our Playgroup/ Creative Movement Classes for toddlers and their parents.

Partner with your toddler and spend time bonding on the mat as we move through breathing exercises, an animated flow, partner poses, and games for fun yoga journey. This class will strength the child’s growing body, help with coordination, balance, and build awareness. Class is 45 minutes. Caregivers are welcome!

We provide parent/tot activities that build a strong bonding realtionship. These are some fun activities to enjoy with your baby and toddler.

Tot Yoga Benefits for Toddlers:

  • Deepen the parent/child bond
  • Improve body awareness
  • Playfully relieves stress and frustration
  • Increase your child’s attention span
  • Provide an outlet for social interaction
  • Nurture self-esteem and creativity
  • Build a fit, healthy lifestyle