A New Twist on Teenage Physical Activity

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A new twist on teenage physical activity

By Krysta White


One hour of freedom. There I am in an oversized t-shirt and favorite loose pair of Nike sweatpants. The upbeat latin music begins, and the instructor starts to move. Everyone around the room moves in a similar manner. I catch a glance of a figure in the mirror, a shape that happens to be my reflection. Though I am the youngest, shyest person present with a blank expression, my insides are smiling.

At 14 years old, little did I know that attending my first ever Zumba class would completely change my life forever. It was two months into my freshmen year of high school, and three months since I had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My care team had emphasized the that exercise was crucial to managing this disease. In addition dealing with this, I was trying to navigate just being a normal teenager adjusting from middle to high school.

High school is a very stressful time for the majority of students. It is a period in which kids learn how to deal with adult-like responsibilities. While juggling school assignments, teenage social life, and extracurriculars, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or even discouraged. Trivial events can seem like full-blown catastrophes. Some of my own included a bombed chemistry test, a completely forgotten essay, group project drama, and a best friend that wouldn’t text back. I vividly remember being there, and no matter how difficult my day or week had been, I always had Zumba class to look forward to. My mind would say, Well, at least it’s Monday… which means it’s a Zumba night!. At times, it was one of the few things that would keep me going.

Zumba is an hour in which teens can let loose and be themselves, immersed in upbeat moves and captivating latin-style music. No questions asked, no competition or performance expectations, just show up and that is that! It is not boring like a workout on an elliptical or treadmill, nor as structured and demanding as being part of a team sport. While you are there, all your worries melt away and you feel as if you are in completely different and awesome world. In addition to the mental and social benefits, Zumba improves cardiovascular health, balance, coordination, strength, and skills to increase your confidence on the dance floor!!.

Zumba is an awesome workout option for teenagers which offers guaranteed fun, fantastic fitness, and a great way to make friends! Luckily, we’re introducing a class that will be held exclusively for middle and high schoolers!

Come try Zumba for Teenz ages 11-16 at Peachy Fitness! We’re having a free trial class on Friday, January 13th at 5:45-6:45pm. Bring your friends and join me for our following 6-week session January 20th-February 24th. Class space is limited, so contact us soon to confirm your spot!

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