Ann Arbor Kids Yoga and Family Yoga Classes

Ann Arbor Kids Yoga and Family Yoga Classes

We offer kids yoga,zumba and family yoga classes in Ann Arbor. Kids classes are geared toward kids and families who have an interest in bettering themselves physically and/or mentally. We accept any level provided you meet the criteria seen below; both experience and non-experienced. More kids and family classes may be added as we grow.
Peachy Fitness provides variety of kids classes in Ann Arbor. Class description is as follows.

Mommy & Me Zumba  (ages 3-5 years)

Zumba kids Junior combines fast and slow rhythms for children ages 3-5 years while using an aerobic/fitness approach. Join us for our dynamic Mommy & Me Zumba series. Dance with your little Zumba stars on Latin based music. Play games and laugh while doing a fun workout.


Slow Flow Yoga (Tween/Teen & parents)

This is an open level class focused on healthy alignment and linking strengthening postures. This class is appropriate for beginners and brand-new students. It includes focused and gentle opening of the body and spine, foundational yoga poses and sun salutations, attention to detail on breath and alignment, and some long holds for strength.


Kids Zumba (ages 6-12 years)

Kids dance classes in Ann Arbor such as kids Zumba combines fast and slow rhythm for children ages 6-12 years while using an aerobic/fitness approach. With the combination of dance and games your child will develop leadership skills, respect others, team work, confidence and will be able to express inner creativity.


Kids Cardio & Strength Training (ages 8 & up)

Bring your kids to the cardio & strength training class. Interval training improves children’s fitness levels and prevents dehydration and excessive fatigue. This class is for children who would like to get physically fit and to build more stamina.


Teen & Young Adult Zumba (ages 13 & up)

Teen Zumba Fitness Party combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body using an aerobic/fitness approach to achieve a unique blended balance of cardio and muscle-toning benefits. Teens are in a safe, fun environment and don’t have to worry about dancing in the same class as their moms!


Postnatal/Mom and Baby Yoga

Postnatal/Mom and Baby yoga in Ann Arbor.
Ann Arbor Mom and Baby Yoga classes is developed for moms with babies 4 weeks to crawling. This postnatal/mom and baby yoga class helps women regain strength and energy that may have been lost during pregnancy. Classes specifically focus on rebuilding strength in the abdomen, back and pelvic muscle; releasing tension in the shoulders and neck; opening the chest. Classes also address common issues and concerns that may arise in this new chapter of life.


Prenatal Yoga

Designed to nourish expectant mothers during their magical journey, you will learn to use yoga’s mind/body awareness to connect with your own innate wisdom, body and your growing baby. Our gently flowing practice will help you to improve circulation, ease digestion, strengthen your uterus and pelvic muscles, exercise the spine and simply make you more at ease throughout your pregnancy.

Mommy & Me Yoga (ages 3-6 years)

We invite kids ages 3-6 years and their grownups to this dynamic parent/kids series. Let’s build literacy skills & healthy bodies together. This class incorporates music, movement and sequential yoga poses. Imaginative breathing exercises and creative decision making is introduced in this well rounded class series.


Kids Yoga (ages 6-14 years)

Would you like to give a great gift to your children? Come join us every week! Kids Yoga is a great opportunity to help children build self esteem and self respect. Kids Yoga promotes physical strength that encourages kids at a very early age to use their muscle in a new way. It helps children to focus and concentrate in school to get better grades. Physically it helps promotes body awareness, flexibility, strength and leadership skills. Kids learn about different parts of their body. A non-competitive, creative and fun activity appropriate for kids. They will explore yoga by imitating animal poses, breathing techniques, play games and relax in a fun and nurturing environment.


Teen Yogis (ages 13 & up)

Using yoga postures to build inner and outer strength and flexibility are the main focus of this class. Also included are partner and group poses and playful yoga games. Experience emotional balance through the physical and mental benefits of yoga by practicing breathing exercises, flowing sequences, balancing poses and deep relaxation while building a healthy relationship with your body. Positive self-awareness and esteem are encouraged.


Family Yoga (ages 3-8 years & parents)

Bring your entire family to yoga and practice together in Ann Arbor! This class presents an opportunity to cultivate emotional and physical bonding within your family and the community. Family Yoga includes postures for the whole family. Peachy Fitness loves families of all sorts – your family can only be defined by you. Bring anyone you love and have fun! All yogis age 3 and up are welcome in this class.


Family Run Club (ages 6 & up)

The Family Run Club program is a 10 week running program for parents of any age and kids 6 years and older. By reaching small milestones throughout the course of the program, the parent’s and children’s self-confidence will increase in tandem with their ability to run further distances and improve their times. The program includes:

*Build a positive Body Image
*Build Lasting Friendships
*Healthy Lifestyle Choices
*Games & Contests

View summer schedule here